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Odsherred is endowed with a large and versatile group of active artists and offers an abundance of galleries and museums. Two of the annual major events are ”Odsherred Art Days” during Whitsun and the huge ”OVNHUS handicraft market”. 

Galleries: Get an overview

Odsherred is endowed by an all-embracing circle of active artists and craftsmen.

Odsherred Art - from Ejstrup to Bovin

The ”Odsherred painters” were inspired by the landscape and the light. This still affects the artists of Odsherred but the idiom is very versatile.

Malergaarden: Original artist's home

Enter a time pocket in this original artist home where the incident light from the fjord and the smells in the poetic rooms are the very same which met the painter Sigurd Swane from the mid-1930’es.

Artwork in the City Passages | Nykøbing Sjælland | Algade | Gågaden | Odsherred | Sjælland | Danmark

Artwork in the City Passages

Get a free art experience on a detour from the shopping life on the pedestrian street in Nykøbing Sjælland.

Odsherred Art Museum

Odsherred Art Museum

Art from Odsherred through times with special focus on landscape paintings by the Odsherred Painters.

Hempel Glass Museum

The largest private glass collection in Northern Europe. Antique glass, old glass, modern glass art, prospect porcelain and alternating theme exhibitions. 

Odsherred Art Days during Whitsun

Odsherred Art Days during Whitsun

Meet the Odsherred artists in their galleries, studios and workshops and get an intriguing impression of working methods and idioms.

Accommodation | Odsherred

Accommodation in lovely surroundings

Book accommodation in Odsherred, whether you prefer holiday homes, bed & breakfast, camping sites, shelters, youth hostels, hotels, inns or cabins.

OVNHUS Handicraft Market

OVNHUS at the harbour of Nykoebing Sjaelland is an annual, censured handicraft market with focus on quality and versatility.

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