Active Holidays

Hiking, bicycling, golf, fishing or maybe a trip in a kayak?  If you are into active holidays, Odsherred is the perfect destination. 

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World class fishing!

Angling for sea trout along the coastline, sea fishing or put-and-take trout lakes. As an angler, you have many choices in Odsherred. 

Solgårdens play garden for the entire family

Solgårdens play garden for the entire family

Come and enjoy a lovely day in the big garden with games as park golf, football golf, krolf, clock golf and much more.

Hiking in Geopark Odsherred

The scenic undulating landscapes of GeoPark Odsherred invite you for walking trips with routes to suit every taste.

Kayak on the Isefjord

Plenty of possibilities to go kayaking in Odsherred.

Gekko Park | Climbing park on piles | Odsherred | Sjælland | Danmark

Gekko Park: Climbing park on piles

Denmark's first climbing park on piles challenges you on both daring and physical endurance.

Odsherred Eventpark | Paintball | Soccer Golf  | Event Games

Odsherred Eventpark

Paintball, soccer golf and plenty of other fun and challenging event games.

Scenic landscapes in Geopark Odsherred

Explore the undulating Ice Age scenery of Geopark Odsherred with the many impressive views and unspoilt nature areas.

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