Odsherred’s skeleton consists of three large ranges of hills with Vejrhoejbuen being the most prominent.

Gigantic ridge with breathtaking views
The range stretches from Vindekilde along Veddinge Hills and further north around Asnaes, where it continues towards the shore of the Isefjord. The highest point is Vejrhoej itself from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Odsherred - at 121m above sea level. You do not get much higher up within the borders of Denmark.

Equally impressive is the panorama from Esterhoej by Hoeve, 95m above sea level. In the same area you find the burial mound of Ole Olsen.

Burial mounds everywhere
The area houses several burial mounds, which our ancestors were partial to building in high places. Do not miss Dutterhoeje, a group of 5 mounds, north of Grevinge, as well as Maglehoej, offering a panoramic view from 86m above sea level.

In the area around Vejrhoejbuen there are several interesting walking routes. Try f. inst. the route from Dragsholm Castle to Vejrhoej.

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