Pots at Farmshop Enggaarden

The farm shop Enggaarden

Photo: Farmshop Enggaarden
Explore hundreds of pots in the farm shop Enggaarden.

Ringstedvej 178A

4300 Holbæk




Watch the film and see what you can experience at Farmshop Enggaarden. The film is in Danish, but it can show you what the farm shop looks like.  

The farm shop Enggaarden is a unique and untraditional farm shop, just 8 km from the city Holbæk in West Zealand. Here, the usual fresh vegetables have been replaced by hundreds of pots and interior design.

Frost proof pots for the garden

The farm shop Enggaarden specialises in pots, which have been carefully selected and imported from Greece and Vietnam. All their pots are frost proof, so they can survive the cold Nordic winters.

The pots come in many different shapes and sizes. Choose between mega-pots, black clay pots, sandblasted posts, glazed pots and many more. Many of the big pots are like sculptures that are decorative, even without a plant.

Recently, the farm shop has established a partnership with the company Pottery Art on Crete that design light and elegant terracotta pots.

Sandstone lamps

The farm shop’s sandstone lamps really capture the Danish feeling of hygge. These unique and handmade lamps are made from powdered sand, mixed with resin. The farm shop has many different design and each one creates a unique, soft light.

Interior design

Give your terrace or home a makeover with some of the beautiful interior design in the farm shop Enggaarden. Here, you will find plankets made of natural materials, soft lamb skins, Danish design pillows, cozy lights and much more.


Ringstedvej 178A

4300 Holbæk


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