Vesterlyng - Nyrup Bugt

Driving directions: Drive towards Klint by Klint Strandvej.
It is possible to park right opposite the big black holiday house.
Right ahead a small stone reef is situated. Especially the stone reef is a fine fishing ground, but the bay towards Klint is also a good place to fish.

Fish species and season: Sea trout can be caught the whole year. Many people fish here in winter. Garfish can be caught in May. Mullets can be caught in summer and in early autumn.
Flatfish (flounders and dabs on a bottom line) the whole year.
Take good care of "fjæsing" .The fish is poisonous if you step on it.

Bottom conditions: Very varied, deep and low, sand and stones.

Weather conditions: It is possible to find shelter when the wind is blowing from west.