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Familiegården i Rørvig

Meet the cute animals, play old-fashioned garden games and enjoy an ice cream or soda on the large terrace overlooking the alpaca fold.

Hand-feeding alpacas and pet sheep
Join the cute alpacas Vidar and Rudolf in the pen, where you can learn about the alpacas and hand-feed them.

There are also 8 cute cuddly sheep in the pen, who love to be stroked behind the ears so their tails wag.

Pedal tractors and the farm's old tractor
The younger ones can visit the pedal tractor area and whizz around in front of the chicken coop. The farm's beautiful old red tractor is also on display here.

Play and enjoy a refreshment
The garden is filled with fun garden games for young and old alike. Overlooking the alpaca paddock, the whole family can sit and enjoy an ice cream or cool soft drink while playing tic-tac-toe.

Prices and opening hours
Entrance costs DKK 80 per person from 3 years (0-2 years free).

Familiegården in Rørvig is open 3 hours a day on selected days in July.

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