Vejrhøj Vingård

1-day trip: Vineyard Treasures in Odsherred and Nordsjælland

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An experience for wine enthusiasts or those who seek more knowledge about some of Denmark's finest wine producers, each reflecting the unique terroir of their regions.


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Included venues:

Ørnberg Vineyard
Photo: VisitOdsherred

Ørnberg Vineyard

Freshness, elegance and a unique aroma characterize the wines from Odsherred's largest vineyard, whose range includes white wines, sparkling wine and a very nice dessert wine.

Beautifully located on ...

Ørby Vingaard | One Day Trip | Wine | Travel Trade Odsherred
Photo: Ørby Vingaard

Ørby Vineyard

Vineyard with a special focus on local traditions. Award-winning quality wines produced from hand-picked grapes directly from the farm in scenic surroundings. Ørbygaard uses only approved organic sprays.

Vejrhøj Vineyard
Photo: Vejrhøj Vingård

Vejrhøj Vineyard

Vejrhøj Vineyard is close to the path from Vindekilde to Vejrhøj – with a view of Nekselø and the sea.

Sale of wine, tasting and guided tours.

See opening hours on our website or call...

One Day Trip | Wine | Travel Trade Odsherred
Photo: Garbolund

Garbolund Naturvin

Garbolund produces pure and natural wines with organic grapes.

No additives, no filtration and no manipulation.

Det vilde køkken i Klint
Photo: Det Vilde Køkken

Det vilde køkken i Klint

Eatery interpreting the landscape of Odsherred through the food.

On your plate you will find the locally grown vegetables, meat from the suppliers in Odsherred and not least: The wild local herbs.


Green ExperienceDragsholm Castle
Photo: VisitOdsherred

Dragsholm Castle

Past, present and future meet in a harmonious interaction between history, gastronomy and terroir at the more than 800-year-old Dragsholm Castle situated in the middle of the scenic UNESCO Global Geop...


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